Manchester Geographies

This collection of essays is being produced to mark Paul Hindle’s 30 years of service to the Manchester Geographical Society.  Paul became a member of the Society’s Council in 1983.  He was appointed Acting Honorary Secretary in 1986 and Honorary Secretary in 1987.  For many years, Paul has taken an interest in the Society’s history, and he has written about the two most recent phases (1973-1997 and 1998-2010) in the Society’s journals.  He was editor of the printed journal The North West Geographer from 1981 to 1986, and has edited the on-line journal North West Geography since 2001.  Paul’s work as Honorary Secretary did much to ensure the smooth transition of the Society to a Charitable Trust in 2010.  He is one of the Society’s ten Trustees and a member of the Academic Committee that, as part of its work, oversees Research Grant and Postgraduate Awards.  A regular (and admired) contributor to the Manchester Geographical Society’s open lecture series, Paul continues to provide great service, not least in operating the Society’s Registered Office. Beyond the Society, Paul is connected to two other charities, as Chairman of the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal Society and a committee member of Bolton Choral Union.


  • ‘Turmoil and Transition: the Manchester Geographical Society, 1973-1997’ The North West Geographer 2/1 (1998) 11-21.
  • ‘Continuing Change: Manchester Geographical Society, 1998-2010’ North West Geography 10/2 (2010) 19-22.