Research Funding

The Society funds a number of grants every year, in order to encourage geographical research on, or relevant to, the north west of England. Grants are aimed primarily at research postgraduates and academic staff at universities in north west England.

Research Fund

Award amount: £1,500 (note that smaller grants are more likely to be funded).

Deadline: 10am on Monday 5th February 2024.

This fund is intended to help University lecturers in the north west with small projects which might not otherwise be funded. There is no restriction on the uses to which the funds may be put. Applicants must undertake to submit an article to North West Geography within one year. The Society’s Academic Committee decides which bids to support, solely on grounds of excellence.

Postgraduate Research Grant

Award amount: up to £500

Deadlines: 22nd of January and 22nd July 2024

This award is intended to help postgraduates studying for research degrees at a university in north west England. The grant can be used to support field work, visits to laboratories or research institutions, purchase of essential equipment and laboratory analyses, and equivalent research activities necessary to successfully complete the degree. Preference will be given to those who have limited access to funding for such activities. Where there are multiple applications, preference will also be given to applications where the research is focused on an aspect of the geography of NW England.

Postgraduate Conference Fund

Award amount: up to £250.

Deadlines: applications received at any time.

Response time: one month.

This award is intended to support conference attendance for Ph.D. students studying for a Ph.D. at universities in Northwest England.