North West Geographer

Volume 2, Number 1, 1998 (Third series)


Some articles are available as individual downloads in PDF (Portable Document Format).

Representing regional life: the place discourses of Granada Tonight.
M. Banks

Turmoil and transition: The Manchester Geographical Society, 1973-1997 (PDF 2570KB).
B. P. Hindle

Recreational users of Lake District bridleways: conflict or cameraderie?
A. J. Dougill and M. Stroh.

Monitoring changes of Norwegian glaciers close to the Arctic Circle (PDF, 2490KB).
W. H. Theakstone.

Spatial patterns of grass biomass in a grazed semi-arid savanna: ecological implications.
A. J. Dougill, N. M. Trodd and M. J. Shaw.


Recent publications on Manchester and north west England, 1996-1997.
J. M. Tippett.


Stephinson, K. (1996/1995) The Saddleworth story/Saddleworth.
J. H. McKendrick.

Wheeler, D. and Mayes, J. editors (1997) Regional climates of the British Isles.
A. Watson.