North West Geographer

Volume 1, Number 2, 1997 (Third series)


Introduction: the search for agri-environmental solutions.
C. Young and C. Morris


Agri-environmental policy and sustainability.
G. Robinson and A. Ghaffar

The view from the farm: farmers and agri-environmental schemes in the Yorkshire Dales.
M. Walsh

Never mind the environment, feel the ‘quality’: a discussion of the agri-environmental potential of quality assurance schemes.
C. Morris and C. Young

Agri-environmental practice in the north west: Pond and pondscape conservation in the Pond Life Project.
J. Boothby and A. P. Hull

Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF): a practical way forward for agriculture.
C. Drummond


Resources for project work on agri-environmental issues in the north west of England.
N. Evans


Pennington N. (1996) Conservation and the countryside: by quango or market?
I. Bowler

Curry N. and Owen S. (editors) (1996) Changing rural policy in Britain: planning, administration, agriculture and the environment.
S. Skerratt

Whitby M. (editor) (1996) The European environment and CAP reform: policies and prospects for conservation.
G. Wilson