North West Geographer

Volume 1, Number 1, 1997 (Third series)


Some articles are available as individual downloads in PDF (Portable Document Format).

Regional journals in geography: a vision for the 21st Century (PDF 3950KB).
J. H. Mckendrick

Social confrontation in Manchester’s quangoland: local protest over the proposed closure at Booth Hall Children’s Hospital.
C. Barker

Taking the Rough with the smooth to Risley Moss: tactile maps for environmental education and recreation.
A. Gardiner

Multivalent logic in geography: the untapped potential.
A. Mugan


Crime in Greater Manchester: local newspapers as a research resource.
J. H. McKendrick, A. Lewis and J. Meek


Burton N. (1996) Exploring Manchester: historical strolls around the city centre.
B. P. Hindle

Lynas B. (994) Lackland rocky rambles: geology beneath your feet.
D. MacDougall

Baylis D. (996) Historical Atlas of Trafford.
J. Moore

Recent publications on Manchester and north west England, 1993-1995.
J. H. McKendrick

North West in Maps

City centre commuting by bicycle from south Manchester.
L. M. Appleton