Notes for Contributors

The title page should include article title, author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s), Email address, an abstract and five keywords.

The abstract should be a single paragraph not exceeding 100 words. It should summarise the article and be comprehensible without reference to the text.

Text: Research papers should not normally exceed 5000 words; indeed, shorter contributions are particularly welcomed.

Headings: Not more than three styles of heading should be used; capitals at first word and proper names only.

  • A. Primary heading
    • Bold, separate line.
  • B. Secondary heading
    • Italics, separate line.
  • C. Tertiary heading Italics, text follows on same line.

Illustrations: Submissions should be accompanied by good quality diagrams and/or photographs Appropriate positions of the illustrations should be indicated in the text. All illustrations should be referred to as ‘Figures’ and numbered consecutively.

Tables should be incorporated in the text.

References: Authors must use the Harvard system in which authors’ names (no initials) and dates are given in the main body of the text, with specific pages indicated if required (Linton and Moisley 1960, 29). References are listed alphabetically at the end of the paper under the heading ‘References’ and set out as follows:

Busteed M A and Hodgson R I 1993 Angel Meadow: a study of the geography of Irish settlement in mid-nineteenth century Manchester The Manchester Geographer 14 3-26

Chalkley B S 1978 The relocation decisions of small displaced firms Unpublished PhD thesis Department of Geography, University of Southampton 21-25

Law CM 1993 Urban tourism: attracting visitors to large cities Mansell, London

Chapter of book:
Belbin S 1985 Long term landform development in north west England: the application of the plantation concept in Johnston R H ed The geomorphology of north west England. Manchester University Press, Manchester 37-58

World wide web pages:
RGS-IBG 1998 Notes for contributors (

Where there is doubt (eg occasional papers) include all bibliographical details. The place of publication for books should always be given.

Form of submission: Authors should submit a copy of their manuscript as a file attachment to an Email (Word-for-Windows). Illustrations should be submitted initially as attached jpgs.

Communication: Articles should be sent to:
Ringley Road,
Radcliffe, Manchester,
M26 1FW

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