Lecture Series

June 2024

We have an exciting one-off talk on the 3rd June at 2:30pm taking place at Cross Street Chapel. This talk is entitled ‘Manchester’s Sobering Drink Maps’, hosted by Kris Butler. A lawyer and past president of the ‘Boston Map Society’, Kris Butler currently serves on the board of the ‘Washington Map Society’ and is a contributor to ‘MAP: Exploring the World’ for Phaidon publishing. She is an award-winning home brewer and has combined her interests in brewing and maps to give numerous talks around ‘drinks maps’, including the ‘International Conference on the History of Cartography’ in Amsterdam as well as Harvard University.

Following the publishing of her latest book entitled ‘Drink Maps in Victorian Britain’, released in May 2024, Kris Butler looks to will take you on a journey through drunken Victorian Britain. Her talk will explore how maps were created to convince lawmakers to “turn off the taps” through the temperance movement of the mid- 19th century. In particular, she will focus on a well-documented strategy in Manchester to highlight drink maps to magistrates, the local public, and the rest of the country during the period to increase awareness of the issue. Kris Butler will share several interesting stories from this period, giving a snippet of her new book.

Please do join us if you can at Cross Street Chapel on Monday 3rd June at 2:30pm for this exciting exploration of Manchester’s sobering drink maps. Also attached is a short explainer providing some further information on Kris’s book (PDF 85KB) and where to purchase it.

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Lectures are held at Cross Street Chapel, Mondays 2.30pm.

Admission is free.