Exploring Greater Manchester

A fieldwork guide

Web Edition edited by Paul Hindle

Original printed edition (1998) edited by Ann Gardiner Paul Hindle, John McKendrick and Chris Perkins.


This guide is designed to share the experiences of the Manchester geographical community, and to encourage a more active and critical appreciation of Manchester. Its focus is upon local field projects which offer a taste of many different aspects of the Manchester area. The walks, trips and exercises are drawn from work in the three departments of geography in Greater Manchester.

Students can use the trips as individual or group exercises. The guide can be used in conjunction with lecture courses or tutorials, or as a local teaching resource. The guide is modular and dynamic and will grow as additional exercises are added. Each project is described in a standard format, giving essential information such as its location, timing and topic and is accompanied by maps. Contact details and supporting material are provided.

But the guide is not only for students of geography; we hope that it will be of interest to anyone with an interest in Greater Manchester. So if you live, learn, work, research or teach in Manchester why not explore its potential by trying one of these exercises?


The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of the Manchester Geographical Society for funding this publication.

Particular thanks are extended to each of the authors of the fieldwork projects for sharing their work with the wider community of geographers and to others interested in the geography of Greater Manchester.

© Copyright rests with the author of each item.

Editing: Paul Hindle, Manchester Geographical Society.

Maps and page-setting: Nick Scarle, School of Environment, Education and Development, The University of Manchester.